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Tommy loves ministering for the Lord through Gospel Music.  It is his heart's desire to use his GOD given talents to spread that wonderful and never ending story that through CHRIST all can have grace and salvation if they trust, believe, and accept that HE, the only begotten son of GOD, gave his life and shed HIS blood as an atonement for the sins of the world. We as CHRISTIANS are to share that story with all we come into contact with.  Tommy's first national Gospel release, "I'll Speak Out For You Jesus", did just that and became his first number one song in September of 2000 on the nation's Country Gospel Charts.

Tommy's project "Father, If You're Listening" has produced several other songs in the top five on American and European charts and the song  "Now I Know Where I'm Going", written by Gloria Henson, also reached number one.

Tommy’s next project was "Up Went The Cross".  He released three advanced singles, the first "Andrew Brought His Brother", co-written by Sandra' Lee Burlile and Tommy, took the award as Single of the Year from the International Country Gospel Music Association in 2002.  Another, "I Took A Walk Back To Jesus", written by Lin Butler, went to number one on the National Charts.   His current release "I Can't Wait To See You", co-written by Rhonnie Scheuerman and Steve Bivins, spiraled up the charts, and received high critical acclaim worldwide.  

His fans and peers know that Tommy is not only a hard worker for CHRIST but also for the Gospel Music Industry.  This is why they have rewarded him with numerous awards over the past few short years that he has been in this industry.  Click HERE to review Tommy's Awards. All of the awards and recognition are very much appreciated by Tommy, but truly only mean one thing to him, that his music for the LORD is reaching people and hopefully touching them in a way that only heart felt lyrics given by the HOLY SPIRIT could do.  

Tommy is also involved along with his writing, performing and church ministries with a Gospel radio program on The Ranch 104.1 FM out of Tyler, TX.  The Christian Servant Outreach Ministries airs between 8 - 9 AM every Sunday morning and plays the best in Country, Southern, and Bluegrass Gospel that the Christian Music industry has to offer. Give the program a listen if you happen to be in that area.  You'll receive a real blessing.

Tommy has also been given the privilege recently of serving as the President of  the ICGMA (International Country Gospel Music Association).  His hope for this association, being the continued encouragement to the many music ministries in the industry to forge ahead to touch as many souls as possible for our SAVIOUR.    Tommy has been blessed to have wonderful mentors in his music career.  Bart Barton, former CEO of Canyon Creek Records, and his wife Patsy have been instrumental in helping to develop Tommy’s music career.  Pastor David Smith and wife Gaynell of Word Of Life Church in San Angelo, Texas is where Tommy received his training and knowledge of the Holy Scriptures and where he received his baptism and dedicated his life to the Lord.