Gary R. Smith
Gospel Senders, Inc.

 Pointing the Way...

From the Cross...
Through the Word...
To The World.

Matthew 28: 19-20

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Agape Fest '04
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Agape Fest '04
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with Steven Wade
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Agape Fest '05
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with Glorya Wilson
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with Gina White
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with Carolan Freeman
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with Christine Hunter & Shirley Jones
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MVC-770S.JPG (42744 bytes)
with Dr. Joe Price
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with Dr. Joe Price
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with Glorya Wilson
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with Bryan Culvahouse
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with Lulu Roman
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with Lulu Roman
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with Chuck Day

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"Red reminds me of the blood of Jesus shed for you and me.  Blue and Purple represents royalty.  We are a part of the royal family of God. And White reminds me of the fact that my sins are washed away and I stand before God as white as snow."

~~~Gary R. Smith

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