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COUNTRY GOSPEL TOP 100 CHART : February, 2010

SONG             SONG TITLE                                      ARTIST

1          My Grandmother’s Prayer                          Russ Murphy

2          Faith In God                                              Tommy Brandt

3          Ain’t God Good                                          Terry Davis

         Jesus Saves                                              James Payne  

5          Jesus Savior Pilot Me                                 Miles Pike

6          I’m Just A Nobody                                      Allen Frizzell 

7          Hang On                                                    Lacy Larsen

8          Tell God Goodnight                                     Fox Brothers

9          Never Gonna Give Up                                  Last Light Band

10        I Want My Stage To Be An Alter                  The Akins

11        Put Your Hand To The Plow                         Keith Caldwell

12        I Can’t Blame No One Me                            Cooke Brothers

13        Where The Old Frank Died                           Marvin Morrow

14        In Quiet Moments                                        Nannette Vaughn

15        All Of You                                                   Abbey Gregory & Tommy Brandt

16        Wrote It In Red                                            Jimmy Fortune

17        You And Jesus                                            Wendy Word & Forgiven

18        One Prayer Away                                        Marty Haggard

19        Up To Him                                                  Tracy Lawrence

20        The Homeless Man                                     Eric Hinson

21        What A Man                                               Gayla Earlene

22        God Knows                                                 Kris Miller

23        I Didn’t Find Jesus                                      The Springs

24        Dusty Road                                                Amanda Fessant

25        A Good Place To Turn Around                      Ron Hemphill

26        He’s Gathering His Sheep                           Tommy Smith

27        I Cry                                                          Pamela Wiebe

28        Where Eagles Can’t Fly                              Joe Price

29        I Thought Of You                                        Glen Shelton

30       Kentucky Memories                                     Kathy Joy Bell

31       Come To The Well                                       Mary James

32       Last Round                                                 Brett Hill

33       Angel Just For Me                                       Mike Manuel

34       Come See Me                                            Jeff & Sherry Easter

35       Desparate Men                                           Royal Wade Kimes

36       I Won’t Have To Worry                                Doyle Lawson

37      Take My Hand Precious Lord                        Joe Paul Nichols    

38       Keep The Faith                                           Sandra Dee

39       Headed Up Heaven’s Highway                      David Patillo

40      Because Of You                                          Cross Country           

41      Mercy Walked In                                          Gordon Mote

42      I Know                                                         Ed Bruce

43      All I Ask For Anymore                                  Trace Adkins

44      Livin’ This Life                                               Del Way

45      God Is There                                                 Diamond Rio

46      Waiting To Be Found                                     Robert & James

47      He’s My Jesus                                              Jimmy & Gina White

48      Shining Through                                            Otha Geeslin

49      Gospel One Night Stand                                Gene Farington

50      Good Tired                                                    The Akins

51      Somebody Would Die For You                        Buddy Jewel

52       Little Bit Of Heaven                                       Isaacs  

53       Said One Mother                                          Nichole Hope   

54       God Don’t Make Mistakes                             Denean Workman

55       Walk The Row                                              Marty Haggard

56       He Chose Me                                                Higher Trails

57       Happy Man                                                   Caroll Roberson

58       Heaven’s Jubilee                                            Marcia Hudson

59       One More Miracle                                          John Lanier

60       Calvary’s Flood                                              Micki Farington

61       Reflection Of Jesus                                        Felicia DeRamus

62       Rockin’ On The Front Porch                            Rene Jones

63       Shorty Was A Big Man                                   Gerald Smith

64       Longing For A Savior                                       Joan Gregory

65       Mom Went To Be With Jesus                          Ken Iverson

66       Jesus For Me                                                 Scott McLeod

67       The Hero                                                        Silver City     

68       One Man                                                        Bruce & Betsy Mullins

69       Love Me Anyway                                             Corey Brooks

70       No Limits                                                        Nichole Hope

71       Recitation From Judge Roy Moore                    Elizabeth Davenport

72       There He Is                                                     The Partons

73       Record On The Wall                                        Bill Beaty

74       At Mount Calvary                                            Morris Brothers

75       More Than An Overcomer                                Caleb DeRamus

76        Hallelujah Morning                                         Dewayne Holt

77        Precious Love                                               David Ingles

78        Wolves                                                         Rebecca Linda Smith

79        Up To Zion                                                    Ronnie Milsap

80        The Only Way                                               Dobbie & Krista Poynor

81        Listening For The Trumpet                              Glen Tubb

82        Thinking More Like God                                 Caroline Keller

83        Higher Ground                                               Farrell Knight

84        Chipping Away                                              Branded

85        I Saw Jesus                                                  Judy Hudson                                               

86        Love Fell Upon The Roses                              The Heirs Of Salvation

87        Give Thanks Today                                         LaVern Tripp

88        One Touch                                                     Debbie Bennett

89        I Believe                                                         Chuck Hancock

90        Dirty Windows                                                Jonathan Ray Smith

91        Hard Rock To Roll                                           Billy Joe Royal        

92        If He Did That For Me                                       Zach Flowers & The Revived

93        Something Good                                              Michelle White

94        Call On Jesus                                                  Pearly Gates

95        Born To Serve The Lord                                     Beverly Kirby

96        The Old Man Is Dead                                        Lyle Stubbs

97        Just A Closer Walk With The                            Randy Travis & John Anderson

98        If 10% Is Good Enough                                     Ray Stevens

99        Not Enough Sunday’s                                       David Sapp

100      Ace In The Hole                                               Sandra Dee

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